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Do You Know C.R.A.P.? – Proximity

I came across this blog post, “Do You Know C.R.A.P.? – Proximity” by Myra and thought it a useful reminder for educators and IDs (instructional designers) working on course enhancements for the upcoming fall semester.

The piece does a good job of explaining and illustrating simple and effective design elements that can help to communicate concepts and ideas clearly.

Myra's Instructional Design Notebook

Proxmity is the last principle of design in our funny little acronyn known as C.R.A.P. If you’ve been following my posts you would already know what this is all about but for you late comers, C.R.A.P. stands for the 4 principles of design:





Proxmity is what makes your design “look smart”.  When two or more elements are close together there is an automatic assumption that one is related to the other.  Your viewers will develop an understanding of your message based on how close various elements are to each other.

It’s like writing a paragraph, because as we all know, paragraphs are a group related sentences with a single topic.  An important rule of paragraphs is that you should keep to one idea per paragraph.  This can be translated into the principle of Proxmity.  You want to make…

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